Very Basic example of a Jython File-Handler class read more →

When running Jython code I get the following error. The solution is simply that the Jython string has an extra ” in the code. x += indent*3 + ‘print “@ClassName@: Saving configuration after setting new attributes“‘ read more →

When coding some jython I get the following error: Solution: In this example, I had declared in my classes instance variable but it had a syntax error. AttributeError: instance of ‘JVMModifier’ has no attribute ‘_JVMModifier__eJFN’. What this means Is that the class called JVMModifier has an attribute or class instance variable that does not exist… read more →

While testing a jython script on WebSphere Application Server for Windows I got the following error:

When looking at the code, I was able to see that I had a call to an object’s method. My Jython  had an error where the jython class method I was using was miss-spelt. Error: myJVM =JVMModifier(“LW621LX6026649Node01″,”server1″) myJVM.verboseModeClass(“false”).. read more →

I was coding a jython class to alter some JVM params and I had the following error:

Reason, well it was quite simple the name I had passed as the node name was “Node01″ instead of “node01″ all about case. But the error was very misleading as I was passing a nodeName variable and.. read more →

Jython Error: TypeError: __add__ nor __radd__ defined for these operands

Reason: Jython code was trying to concatenate an Object with a String Offending Code:


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When running a WAS jython script you get the following error:

  In this example screen shot below you can see that the elif statement has been indented by one space too much. It is wise to use a text editor which provides and option to show tabs and space characters, so you can.. read more →

Result: read more →

When running a jython script in wsadmin.bat/.sh we get this error: SyntaxError: Lexical error A common reason is missing “quotes”. As you can see by this error column 35 has an error and a carriage return was found before the end quote. The fix is to add a set of quotes. Problem code:

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Example Error while using a Dictionary Object in Jython. Error:

Bad Code:

Solution: You will notice that there is a space before the “,” in the fields string and so the split result is returning ” platformVersion” as opposed to “platformVersion”. Fixed code:

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