Unable to initialize, java.io.IOException: Is similar to the error below and  is a result insufficient data found while reading a keystore file containing a certificate chain.  This exception is thrown if the first ten bytes following an “—–END” line are anything other than “—–BEGIN”. To get rid of this error, remove everything between theBase64-encoded text certificates, including blank lines. java.io.IOException:.. read more →

The error below is experienced during a signed CSR being imported back in to the WebSphere SSL certificate and key management repository. Error: Unable to initialize, java.io.IOException: DerInputStream.getLength(): lengthTag=127, too big. Reason: This is a result of copying an pasting a Base64-encoded ASCII signed cert as text into a Unix file using VI or similar.. read more →

A chained personal certificate is a personal certificate that is created by using another personal certificate to sign it. This chaining allows a certificate to be signed with a certificate (a root certificate) that has a long life span. Root certificates are stored in the DmgrDefaultRootStore or NodeDefaultRootStore. The server’s default personal certificate is a.. read more →

Managing SSL In a nutshell, self-signed certificates make your data safe from eavesdroppers, but say nothing about who the recipient of the data is. This is common for intranet websites that aren’t available publicly. This is why we get a browser error, similar to the following when we first login into the Admin console when.. read more →