Purpose of this document My intention is to cover in as much detail as I can on how to deal with managing memory leaks in typical Java web applications. This is a very big subject, so I have tried to keep it simple and straight to the point. In the Appendix below there are two.. read more →

When running JHat ie Java Heap Analyzer tool which comes with the newer JDK’s you might get this error below:

Solution: The solution is to assign MAX memory using the -J command which allows you to pass JVM memory options to JHat. From experience it is recommended that you set the JHat tool to.. read more →

Installed MAT into Eclipse http://download.eclipse.org/mat/1.1/update-site/ Ensure Tomcat in Eclipse is referencing a JDK not a JRE as is the default. JMAP comes with a JDK. Server settings for Tomcat Click Runtime Environment Set the JRE to an appropriate JDK Once MAT plug-in is installed and Tomcat is configured to use a JDK , select File-Acquire.. read more →