20 Nov 2011
November 20, 2011

Installing IBM HTTP Server on Windows

November 20, 2011 IBM HTTP Server 0 Comment

Download the latest version of IBM HTTP Server http://www-01.ibm.com/software/webservers/httpservers/# Plugin http://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/download/preconfig.jsp?id=2009-07-30+10%3A21%3A30.828809R&S_TACT=&S_CMP= The download will add to IBM HTTP download is the HIS download is still not yet complete Installing IBM HTTP Server on Windows Locate the zip file as downloaded by the IBM Download Director My download directory in Windows is: D:\downloads\IBM\was7_source_trials\ihs.7000.windows.ia32 Change to IHS    folder.. read more →

The error below: [warning][Sun Nov 20 16:21:13 2011] [crit] [client] [13d76a8] SSL0227E: SSL Handshake Failed, Specified label could not be found in the key file.[/warning] Is found in an IBM HTTP Server log. The problem is that you have configured IHS to use SSL and are referencing a key database, however you are using.. read more →

IBM GSKit We can create a self signed root certificate using the IBM GSKit. In this example we are using Windows. Normally I use Linux for my demos, but I had to do this for a client-contract in a Windows environment and so I decided to add some of the know-how to this blog entry.. read more →

The problem is that there is not virtual host directive for names hosts and so IHS cannot find any information to serve for SSL Wildcard general Hot Config ie DocumentRoot # # Use name-based virtual hosting. # NameVirtualHost * # # VirtualHost example: # Almost any Apache directive may go into a VirtualHost container. #.. read more →

Error: The IBM HTTP Server 7.0 service on Local Computer started and then stopped. We need to look at the logs .. Note: Logs a re located in <ihs_install_root>\logs Looking at the log files for IHS we see the following error: [Sat Nov 19 16:05:02 2011] error SSL0169E: Keyfile does not exist: d:\\ihs7\\bin\\mykeydb.kdb Configuration Failed.. read more →

Error: Subject Alternative Name support is not enabled. Check key DEFAULT_SUBJECT_ALTERNATIVE_NAME_SUPPORT in file ikminit.properties. Solution: Lets have a look at this file. cd <ihs_install_root>gsk7\classes edit the ikminit.properties file as seen below For example un-comment the DEFAULT_SUBJECT_ALTERNATIVE_NAME_SUPPORT=true entry read more →

19 Nov 2011
November 19, 2011

IBM HTTP Server key.kdb password

November 19, 2011 IBM HTTP Server 0 Comment

In (WebSphere Application Server) WAS and (IBM HTTP Server) IHS the default password for the Key ring database was ‘WebAS’ and it is case sensitive. If you do not know the existing password, it is difficult to get in. What you can do is run the ikeyman.sh or ikeyman.bat file to Launch the IBM Ikeyman.. read more →

D:\ihs7\bin\httpd.exe -w -n  “IBM HTTP Server 7.0″ -k start The name in quotes is the service name as displayed in the Windows services MMC. read more →

When I ran IHS from the services applet I go the following error: Windows could not start the IBM HTTP Server 7.0 on Local Computer. Let’s have a look at the event log The IBM HTTP Server 7.0 service terminated with service-specific error Incorrect function. This was because I had installed IBM HTTP Server 7.. read more →