Error located in SystemOut.log when trying to deploy an EAR file that contains a web module using Java 6 JAX-WS annotated POJOs that represent web services.

Problem determination: Taking a look at the actual code I could see that there is an import statement for import; and an annotation @OneWay. This is in.. read more →

The scenario here is that I have an Eclipse Workspace where I am creating an Enterprise Application (EAR) that has a single Web Module (WAR). The EAR project and WAR are created using the standard Eclipse Wizard against a Websphere Application Server Runtime. A package and class are created to create an annotated POJO that.. read more →

In this example,  I was at a clients site and they only allowed internet access through a proxy. I wanted do a Maven build and I go this error below:

The solution was simple. Since I decide to configure Eclipse use an external version of Maven (Which allows me to run command-line commands using.. read more →

Problem: When using the Subclipse Eclipse plugin and trying to connect to a remote SVN repository and you get the following error…

It usually means that the Subclipse plugin is not using the Eclipse proxy settings. Solution: Locate the C:\Documents and Setting<your_user_name>\Application Data\Subversion folder and edit the server file. In the file look for.. read more →