About Me

About Steve Robinson

Steven Robinson is a JEE specialist consultant focusing on IBM WebSphere Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Server and and RedHat Jboss.

I have created this blog to allow some of my knowledge to spill out into the JEE community. As a result of many years as an IT consultant, I have helped many organisation’s in both Europe and the United States of America, to sort out issues and problems with Java based application server platforms.

I provide expertise in the following areas.

  • Advanced Jython scripting
  • Java debugging and general JEE problem solving
  • JEE Application packaging
  • Server build including Build/Deploy automation such as Continuous Integration
  • Mobile application provisioning
  • JMS and WMQ Messaging (internal and External)
  • WebServices, SOA and ESB -> domain knowledge
  • Training and knowledge transfer

Use the blog to learn about the three big JEE Application Server platforms: IBM WebSphere Application, Oracle WebLogic Server and RedHat JBoss. Looking through these pages within you will find tutorials and answers to common questions and sample scripts.

To suggest content you can reply to my JEE Topic Suggestions page or post questions to my FAQ page.

Cheers, Steve