Using this as reference, this is how I resolved the following Code Igniter APC Cache error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function apc_fetch() in D:\xampp\www\com\xxx\system\libraries\Cache\drivers\Cache_apc.php on line 41:

I looked at this doc:

Found this section…

Installation on Windows Server

Warning: You cannot install APC and Zend Optimiser on the same server. You should choose one or the other.

Follow these steps to install APC.

Download the correct version

Download the windows binary for the PHP version you have installed from Save into the PHP extensions folder, which is c:\php\ext by default.

PHP APC 3.1.13 Beta has been compiled against PHP 5.4.x on Windows by Gabriel Dragffy here:

Note: If you cannot find a binary for your version of PHP at the above location, try
Note: Make sure you choose the right extension for your version (branch) of PHP.

Enable the APC extension in your PHP.INI file

Edit the php.ini file and add the following line in the extensions section:
extension = php_apc.dll

Check that this has worked by restarting your web server and looking at the output of phpinfo from the Moodle administration screens or from a text file containing this line:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Check the memory available

To check the amount of memory that is available for APC to use:

  • Run WordPad and create a text file called apcmeminfo.php.
  • Copy and paste this line into the file

<?php print_r(apc_sma_info()); ?>

My Solution:

Created a file called phpinfo.php to work out XAMP PHP version, then

I downloaded: from

and set my php.ini in XAMP to the following:


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