Being a senior contractor and consultant, I have built up relationships with some really great recruiters and their companies. However, these days I mostly rely on my clients and colleagues in the industry. The reason being, there seems to be a loss of respect even for those of us who have been around for > 10 years.

I am writing this blog entry after a few days of being reminded why I do not like some IT recruitment consultants practices. I am appalled at the level of service now given to contractors (even for the high income bracket/senior positions). We are recruitment agent’s bread an butter. Job adverts go out in their droves and we get spammed on Linked In & BCC emails. We are targeted to reply and send our updated CV. Only to find it is just a numbers game and we really do not count. Then to wrap it all up, we do not get replies to our emails or calls!

Come on guys sort it out!

We are expected to be the best at IT and communicate well for a potential position, why can’t you be the best at Recruitment and treat people with respect? At a least offer a reply of some sort. Better still, call back those who are senior, and let them know either way.  Maybe they will be there for you when you need need them?


Steve Robinson – IBM Champion 2013

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  1. I must mention; There are two great recruitment consultants who have always been a great help to me personally:

    Adrian Horwood – Church International
    Anthony Bassacia – Empiric Solutions –

  2. This is a great article to read when you find yourself let down by IT contract recruiters:


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